5 Points to Consider While Purchasing an SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway is the core element of SMS Business. Let me explain to you how. SMSCs developed by various companies have their own communication protocol, which in many cases are proprietary. The main problem arises as two SMSCs cannot be connected if they do not have a similar protocol. In order to address this situation, an SMS gateway is set up between two SMSCs, which works as a relay that translates the protocol. Wireless carriers use this pattern to interconnect their SMSCs for inter-operator SMS messages.

As you have now understood what exactly an SMS Gateway is and how does it function, you need to consider 5 points before purchasing one for your business.

HTPP to SMPP Protocol Conversion

SMPP protocol is ideal for quicker SMS Submission but desktop applications do not support SMPP. Hence, you need a solution that works as a channel to connect your desktop application and other SMS Gateway. If your SMS Gateway is capable of fetching the SMS in HTTP and converting it into SMPP, you will not need any other application for the same. Also, you can save huge on the cost.

Easy to Use Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard will help you to manage your SMS business efficiently. Look for an SMS gateway, which has a smart Dashboard, where you can check all reports. This will help you to manage your clients efficiently and do all the invoicing-related things.

Content Whitelisting

SMS Filtering by carriers is a common problem that companies face nowadays. This is because many times inappropriate or spam content is shared over SMS. So in order to prevent this practice of carriers, SMS Filtering is adopted by carriers, which often results in facing blockage of services of communication providers. Here, Content Whitelisting comes into play as they can get the SMS Content whitelisted before sending and remain safe from blockage.

Intelligent Invoicing

Invoicing is an important part to consider if you are involved in any kind of communication business. Your SMS gateway or platform should be capable of generating invoices in various formats such as PDF, XLS, etc. The software must be easily configured to address your customer's billing cycle. Besides this, automated invoicing is a must as manual invoicing is a tedious process.

Campaign Management

It is the core feature of any SMS Gateway software or platform. Your SMS Gateway should be capable of sending different types of SMS Campaigns. It must support multi-lingual SMS so that you can target customers from any nationality or region.

These were the 5 important things you should consider while choosing an SMS platform for your business. Once you have decided to buy a gateway, you can take a demo of the solution to check if it meets your business requirements. Also, it is wise to compare the price of 2–3 software before purchasing one.

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